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Visiting Muse

Author Day

Patricia McFadden offers a one day Visiting Muse Program for pre-K through 6th grade. Her goal is to nurture children's love of reading and help them experience the delights of creative writing.

Her program consists of one assembly and from four to six class sessions, with time at lunch or after school for signing books. There are three class offerings available, which can be mixed-and-matched to fit the needs of your school:


Pre-K - 1st Grade:

All About Bugs

Patricia reads her picture book, Oh no, Woolly Bearto the children, then has them perform the story as a puppet show.  She then leads a class discussion about bugs in winter and concludes with a question and answer period.

What a great experience for the kids! They loved it!
First Grade Teacher

Grades 2-4:

Story APCs

Following a reading of Dragon Dilemma, Patricia leads a discussion on the "APCs" (action, problem, conclusion) of the story and uses creative writing exercises and games to help students discover their own writing voice.

Your activities were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by my class. Thank you! 

Fourth Grade Teacher

Grades 5-6:

Creating Fantasy Worlds

Depending on whether the class has read Turtle Islandor not, Patricia leads a question and answer period about the book or a general discussion about creating a fantasy world.  She then takes them through a writing exercise to create a fantasy world of their own.  

One-On-One With Young Writers

In lieu of one of the classroom sessions,  Patricia will, if desired, do up to six 10-minute critique sessions with students who wish individual help with their writing. This is a plan-ahead activity with the students' work being sent to Patricia at least two weeks before her visit.

Teacher Training Session

A Teacher Training Session may also be substituted for one of the classroom sessions.  

Fees for a one day Author Visit range from $300 to $450, depending on the number of sessions, plus transportation, lodging and meals for schools outside the Colorado Springs metro area (more than 50 miles from downtown Colorado Springs).

Green Turtle Arts donates 20% of book sales revenue to the school to help offset the cost of the Visiting Muse Author Day. (Hint:  This is a very good event to schedule in conjunction with a school book fair.)

Please Contact Us to schedule a visit or for more information