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picture book

28 pages, 8 1/2" X 11"

for ages 3 up

$9.95 plus S&H

The Solstice Badger

Written and Illustrated by Robin McFadden

At the beginning of time, the Sun traveled happily across the sky each day.  Eventually, however, he became lonely and sad. Many of the earth's creatures tried to befriend the Sun, only to find him too hot for them. Only the Badger, used to the great heat in the depths of the Earth, was able to be close to the Sun. Staying longer and longer underground each day with his friend, the Sun's absence from the sky eventually caused the world to grow cold and become covered with snow.  

Would the Sun realize how his absence was causing the animals and plants to suffer? Would he have to leave his only friend and new found happiness in order to to save the world? Robin's engrossing tale and ethereal illustrations bring the Sun's story to a satisfying conclusion as compromise, compassion, friendship, and wisdom save the day.