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lift-the-flap picture book

16 pages, 11" X  81/2"

​for ages 0-6

Oh no, Woolly Bear!

by Patricia McFadden

Illustrated by Michele Coxon

It is autumn, and as the new fallen leaves swirl in the chilly wind, Woolly Bear Caterpillar realizes that he needs a place to stay for the winter. As he bristles and bustles along, he discovers that the bee has its hive, the ladybug has its cousins to cuddle with, the spider has its eggs, even the ant has its hill, but nobody wants to share with him! At last, he meets the Whirligig Beetle who welcomes the lonely Caterpillar and together, they dig deep into the warm blanket of leaves. The charming and humorous illustrations make this simple story pulsate with life.


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