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In order for their writing to soar, young "Dragon Writers" must have equally strong "right wing" skills of grammar, spelling and punctuation, and "left wing" skills of creative craftsmanship. This two-week residency, offered by Patricia McFadden for 4th through 6th grades, helps young authors develop both their "writing wings." 

For this residency, Ms. McFadden does a daily session with from three to five classes.  During these sessions, she helps students work on one of the "Dragon Writer" skills each day, using a variety of exercises, games and writing prompts designed to engage students' interest and get their creative juices flowing.  At the end of the residency, the students' completed stories will be compiled as an anthology.

The Dragon Writer Program is aligned with the 4th-6th Grade Benchmarks of the Colorado State Elementary Writing Process Continuum and Core Curriculum Content Standards.  

Fees for the Dragon Writer Author-In-Residence Program depend on the number of sessions, plus transportation, lodging and meals for schools outside the Colorado Springs metro area (more than 50 miles from downtown Colorado Springs).

 Green Turtle Arts donates 20% of book sales revenue to the school to help offset the cost of the Dragon Writer Author-In-Residence Program. (Hint:  This is a very good event to schedule in conjunction with a school book fair.)

A FREETeacher Training Session is included in the cost of the Program.


"Thank you for sharing your expertise with our future authors!" 

Fifth Grade Teacher

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Dragon Writers 

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